Discover Our Value-Add Integrated Design Services.

At PLACE ARCHT, we provide a comprehensive range of services that align with our core values of Adaptive, Resilient, Cohesive, Humanistic and Technological.

Through seamless integration, whether in individual services or as a whole, we strive to deliver architectural solutions that surpass conventional boundaries and create transformative experiences.

With a global perspective and unwavering commitment to holistic design, our projects aim to make a positive impact on the built environment, inspiring people and contributing to the creation of sustainable cities.


Positioning & Feasibility

At PLACE ARCHT, we understand that the crucial step of Positioning and Feasibility forms the foundation for project success within our integrated design services.

Through close collaboration with our clients, we define the distinctive positioning of their projects, evaluate their viability, and propose practical solutions that establish an overarching vision with value-add opportunities.

Engaging in our Positioning and Feasibility service provides clients with invaluable insights and a clear roadmap for subsequent design and development phases.


Building upon the foundation of Positioning and Feasibility, our Architecture Design Service embodies an integrated approach.

We seamlessly combine programmatic requirements, adaptability to changes, and a deep understanding of each project's urban context and development objectives.

This enables us to provide architectural solutions that not only meet functional and aesthetic requirements but also leave a lasting positive impact on communities and the environment.



As part of our holistic design approach at PLACE ARCHT, we delve into the distinctive characteristics of each project, crafting a tailor-made identity that brings out its unique DNA and facilitates its development objectives.

Our integrated design services extend to encompass interior design solutions that seamlessly align with our holistic vision.

At PLACE ARCHT firmly believe that interior design should harmonize with the overall architecture, enhancing the project's identity and reinforcing its development objectives.

Immersive Marketing

At PLACE ARCHT, we firmly believe that marketing should be an authentic extension of the project's vision, enhancing its overall impact.

As architects, we approach marketing strategy from the perspective of professional design experts. Our goal is to create realistic, value-added solutions that authentically reflect the project's reality. Our approach combines humanistic visuals and interactive, immersive user experiences that resonate with everyone involved.

By seamlessly integrating marketing into our design process, we ensure that our strategies not only capture attention but also effectively communicate the essence of the project.



At PLACE ARCHT, we recognize the essential role that landscape plays in crafting harmonious and captivating environments. Our landscape design service seamlessly integrates with our other offerings, guaranteeing a cohesive and holistic approach to the built environment.

We firmly believe that the outdoor spaces surrounding a building are equally as vital as the interior and the building's architecture itself, and that purposeful landscape design can significantly elevate the overall user experience.

Branding & Digital Design

At PLACE ARCHT, we recognize the paramount importance of brand identity and digital presence in today's world. We firmly believe that an integral marketing strategy, closely tied to the project's holistic vision, is essential for creating cohesive visual identities and engaging digital experiences that amplify the impact of your project and contribute to its success.

With a profound understanding of the project's unique DNA and characteristics, we craft branding designs and captivating digital experiences that enhance its identity and resonate with the target audience. Our goal is to create a brand experience that not only complements the overall design but also reinforces the project's holistic vision.

Peer Review Service Offered By PLACE ARCHT

Peer Review Consultancy

At PLACE ARCHT,  we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your project needs. In addition to our core design services, we provide 'Peer Review' Consultancy Services as a valuable add-on.

Our 'Peer Review' Consultancy Service thoroughly assess your current design scheme and development objectives, leveraging our expertise. This service offers numerous advantages, including an objective evaluation, valuable insights and recommendations.

By engaging in this one-off service, you gain a fresh perspective and expert guidance to assess your project's current scheme. Our consultancy services aim to add value by suggesting enhancements, addressing issues and optimizing design options. This process helps you make informed decisions and refine your project to achieve its full potential.

The 'Peer Review' Consultancy Service contribute to the long-term success of your project by leveraging our expertise and experience. It provides an opportunity to align the project with its goals and objectives.

With the advantages of an objective evaluation, valuable insights and recommendations, our 'Peer Review' Consultancy Service helps identify areas for improvement, optimize design options, and make informed decisions to enhance the project's success.

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