PLACE ARCHT is an award-winning architecture studio dedicated to providing integrated design services with a holistic vision that sets us apart.

Our passion lies in placemaking and the development of future-proof and sustainable cities. From the initial stages of conceptualization to the final realization, we are committed to shape environments that inspire, connect and make a positive difference to our world.

Explore our placemaking project Landmark @MTRA Station and 550 Castle Peak, both currently under construction.

PLACE-ARCHT-Architects-Urban-mixed-use-Architecture-Landmark @MTRA-Bangkok-Thailand PLACE-ARCHT-Architects-Urban-mixed-use-Architecture-Landmark @MTRA-Bangkok-Thailand-construction-progress

Bangkok Thailand

Winner of Best Mixed-Use Development Thailand

“It’s finger firmly on the pulse of Bangkok’s NOW generation, Siamese Asset combines functionality and smart spaces to keep pace with the fluidity of millennial lifestyles; mixed-use Siamese Rama 9 (rename as Landmark @MTRA Station) symbolises a new CBD in the Capital, engaging through strategic design and architecture to imagine a sense of place.”

Independent panel of judges, Asia Property Awards 2019

PLACE-ARCHT-Architects-Urban-Regeneration-Architecture-Castle Peak-Site-Hong-Hong PLACE-ARCHT-Architects-Urban-Regeneration-Architecture-Exterior-Castle Peak-Hong-Kong

Hong Kong SAR

Tailor-made Vision

At PLACE ARCHT we kick off each project with the crucial step of crafting a tailor-made vision that sets the project apart and serves as a clear roadmap for onward project success.

Discover our projects, One Two One and 550 Castle Peak, nestled within the same vicinity, each brought to life with our distinctive tailor-made vision. We have crafted unique development objectives for each project, ensuring their individual success while creating a harmonious urban landscape that contributes to the creation of a vibrant and revitalised neighborhood.

Explore the transformative tale of "Embracing Individuality and Celebrating Diversity" through our tailor-made visions that embrace individuality in One Two One and celebrate diversity in 550 Castle Peak

Value-add Urban Revitalisation Projects One Two One and Castle Peak Designed by PLACE ARCHT PLACE-ARCHT-Architects-Urban-Regeneration-Architecture-Exterior-Castle Peak-Hong-Kong

Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong SAR

Value-add Solution

With a forward-thinking mindset, we establish development objectives for each project at PLACE ARCHT with unique value-add design solution that surpass limitations, ushering in a realm of boundless possibilities.

Explore our projects, The London and The Pinnacle, where our forward-thinking approach shapes development objectives and implemented unique value-add design solutions.

Witness the potential of our visionary ideas "One Site Two Stories" in transforming a single site into a dynamic commercial hub, seamlessly blending heritage and modernity.

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Two-Stories-Vertical-a_reduced-1 Two-Stories-V-b_reduced

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Holistic Vision

As part of our holistic design approach at PLACE ARCHT, we explore each project’s exclusive characteristics in creating tailor-made identity that brings out their unique DNA and facilitate its development objectives.

At PLACE ARCHT we firmly believe interior design should complement the overall architecture, enhancing the project's identity and strengthening its development objectives.

Explore our integrated interior design for 550 Castle Peak that seamlessly align with our holistic vision and architectural concept of the project.

PLACE-ARCHT-Architects-Urban-Regeneration-Architecture-Interiors-Castle Peak Castle Peak Interiors Entrance Lobby Designed By PLACE ARCHT

Hong Kong SAR

Integrated Approach

At PLACE ARCHT, we take great pride in our ability to provide comprehensive design services, ranging from Positioning and Feasibility to Architecture, Interior Design, Immersive Marketing, and Branding and Digital Design. Through seamless integration of these services with our holistic design vision, we ensure a cohesive and impactful approach that leads to project success.

Explore our integrated design approach for Strand 71, where our branding and interior design effortlessly align with our holistic vision for the architectural facade and planning of the project.

PLACE-ARCHT-Entrance-Lobby-Design-Strand-71-02 PLACE-ARCHT-Entrance-Lobby-Design-Strand-71

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