PLACE ARCHT is an award-winning architecture studio providing integrated design services from Positioning, Architecture, Interior Design through to Immersive Sales and Marketing.

Being passionate about placemaking for the development of future-proof and sustainable cities, we believe in the power of architecture to shape the built environment that promotes social interaction, economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Through our holistic vision and integrated design approach, we strive to create environments that inspire, connect and positively impact the lives of people.





An architect and a sustainable design expert, Joey has a passion for placemaking, urban regeneration and a vision to create future-proof and sustainable cities that foster social, economic and environmental well-being.

With 28 years of professional experience in the architecture and real estate industry, Joey has successfully delivered multi-disciplinary projects in the US, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. One of which is the KK 100 mixed-use development in Shenzhen China, a city landmark and a pioneer in urban regeneration and placemaking.

Throughout her career, she works closely with project owners, consultant teams and end users to understand their needs and interests, and to offer value-added solutions that enhance the quality of life and the environment for the communities. Through her work, she aims to empower owners, stakeholders and the public to shape the places they live, work and play in.

Joey received her Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Studies from University of Washingtion. She is a registered architect in New York, USA.







We look at each project as a unique opportunity to explore future possibilities that foster social, economic and environmental well-being. By creating a tailor-made vision in laying out a humanistic, resilient and sustainable roadmap for each project, we set out development objectives with unlimited possibilities.



We continually evaluate our conceptual thinking towards architecture and urban design. We practice an integrated design approach that combines programmatic requirements resilient to changes and unique to each project's urban context and development objectives. 



We create spaces that are distinctive and memorable coupled with minimalist aesthetics that complement the building architecture and form an integral part of our holistic visions.




As part of our holistic design approach we explore each project’s exclusive characteristics in creating tailor-made identity that brings out their unique DNA and facilitate its development objectives.




We believe having an integral marketing strategy that ties back to projects holistic vision is key to the project success.

We take pride in creating and deliver marketing strategy, design and branding visions that enhance our projects identity and complete our projects holistic design and development visions.



Bailey is passionate about food, and loves to interact with people, he shows his gratitude and affection by flapping his ears. Marley prides himself on showing attention to detail, he is agile, a couch warmer and never misses out when treats are on offer. As  PLACE Ambassadors Bailey and Marley make regular appearances on Star Street and Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai in Hong Kong welcoming everyone who visits the PLACE ARCHT studio. Their unique individuality makes them a popular addition to the neighborhood. They even have their own Instagram page! Favourite pastimes include, running, wrestling, and napping.


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